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Vol. 24, No. 2 | June 6, 2011 | Go to Charts
by Carl Janssens, ASA | Aircraft Bluebook — Price Digest

News networks these days have few positive perceptions when reporting on the U.S. economic recovery. Stories cite home foreclosures, a lack of jobs and the price of gas as prospective signs of a weak economy.

While doubts persist about the United States in an economic recovery, the business aviation sector is not following suit. For instance, late-model, large-cabin, long-range aircraft are selling at or above values published in the Aircraft Bluebook.

While North American business aircraft transactions have been lackluster, increasing sales on other continents are supporting the overall business aircraft market. Whatever the reason, inventories for late-model aircraft for sale continue to shrink. This can be interpreted as an indication of values held in check.

New aircraft models designed and equipped with the latest technology are breathing new life into the industry. Legacy aircraft, on the other hand, will never experience an economic comeback. Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” affects business aircraft, too.

While the U.S. economy still struggles to make a better comeback, business aviation has wheels in the well for the long haul.


Increased — 41
Decreased — 298
Stable — 583

Lear 35s are now being reported with MSP, and values trended upward due to the reported equipped price in Bluebook. Late-model Bombardier Global XRSes gained value by $1 million when compared to the previous quarter.


Increased — 1
Decreased — 93
Stable — 511

Like the rest of the industry, turboprops continued to demonstrate some good signs of stability. Payload, range and cost of operation will be key factors to watch. As competition for commodities becomes more aggressive on a global level, bringing new services to remote regions of the world will also play a role in continued stability in this market segment.


Increased — 10
Decreased — 32
Stable — 616


Increased — 148
Decreased — 335
Stable — 2056

The multi and single markets are some of the best indicators of stability. A majority of these aircraft are represented by personal acquisition. Buyers and sellers agree on price, and financial institutions fund these transactions.


Increased — 69
Decreased — 122
Stable — 865

The Robinson R44 and R22 gained slightly in value when compared to the previous quarter. The majority of models remained stable for another quarter.

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