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Dassault Falcon 8X: A Trijet Honed To Perfection

 Business & Commercial Aviation

Dassault Falcon Jet

Falcon 8X operators are virtually unanimous in saying that the Dassault flagship is a substantial improvement over the smaller Falcon 7X. It flies higher, farther and more fuel efficiently. It’s more spacious inside and even quieter. It can be optionally equipped with high-speed Ka-band satcom connectivity, a larger, more functional galley and a full-length crew rest area. And its third-generation EASy III flight deck, FalconEye HUD/EVS/SVS and refined digital flight controls reduce pilot workload and improve situational awareness.

“It’s the 7X finally, fully complete,” says John Olesen, vice president for design, development, test and evaluation at Air Alsie in Sønderborg, Denmark. With five 8X aircraft, six 7X jets and seven Falcon 2000-series aircraft, Air Alsie has become the largest Dassault Falcon operator in Europe.

“It’s a very refined version of the Falcon 7X. There’s such a remarkable difference. It’s better in almost every way,” says the chief pilot for a Fortune 100 company...

The Next 500-Kt. Race Is ON

Business & Commercial Aviation

The latest Dassault trijet, the Falcon 8X, is building ever stronger brand loyalty, an important asset for the planemaker’s future since Bombardier and Gulfstream have garnered so much attention with their 500-kt. flagships. Such allegiance buys time for Dassault to refine the design of any future Falcon superjet and make it competitive with the best from Montreal or Savannah, Georgia.

The Falcon 8X is highly competitive with...

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