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Measuring Par in Business Aircraft Activity

By Carl Janssens, ASA | Chief Appraiser | Aviation Week Network

Scoring a golf tournament based on par  is relatively understandable to those who play the game on a particular course. Par is Latin for what the English rhetoric refers to as “average.” This is simple enough for the aviator’s number one leisure sport. Par in business aircraft activity is another story. One could list multiple concepts for par in the business aircraft transaction.

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Current Market Strength of 50 Pre-Owned Aircraft Models: Fall 2016

Current Market Strength represents an aircraft’s current strength in the market.

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Roundtable to Explore Factors Affecting Aircraft Residual Values

Aircraft Bluebook, the premier resource for business and general aviation aircraft values, is convening the inaugural Aircraft Bluebook Market Values Roundtable in Los Angeles on Oct. 5, 2016.

Aircraft Bluebook editors and other industry experts will weigh the elements that factor into aircraft market values, especially the pressure points that affect residual values of business jets.

Registration is open to aircraft OEMs, suppliers, financial institutions, attorneys, consultants, operators and others who are involved in the pre-owned aircraft community. Participants may expect to leave the meeting with unique insight to incorporate into their own forecasts of future values of aircraft, Frank Craven, Aviation Week Network managing director, business aviation, says.

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Update: Fall 2016 Aircraft Bluebook CD-ROM Label

When you receive the fall 2016 edition of the Aircraft Bluebook CD, you might notice the seal on the sleeve reads, "Summer 2016," rather than "Fall 2016." This is a clerical error affecting only the label. The disc within should read, "Fall 2016," and include the fall values.

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Dassault Falcon 7X Pre-Owned Market at a Glance

The Falcon 7X fleet is approximately 255 aircraft. At the time of this writing, approximately 25 Falcon 7X aircraft, representing approximately 10 percent of the fleet, were reported for sale.

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