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King Air 350i: Fill The Seats, Fill The Tanks And Feel The Difference

Fred George Business & Commercial Aviation

Beechcraft King Air 350i, the second-generation Model B300, is significantly quieter, more comfortable and more capable than the original aircraft. It’s been in production since 2009 and more than 440 units have been delivered, including 35 to launch Wheels Up, the model’s launch customer.

The 350i features triple-layer skin panel insulation, dynamically tuned vibration dampers, thicker thermal insulation and an acoustically isolated interior shell. The package is tuned to sop up noise at 1,500 prop rpm, reducing the interior sound level by 4 dB, resulting in a 78-dB cabin in cruise.

There are six 115 VAC outlets in the cabin and one more in the cockpit. A Collins Venue inflight entertainment system is standard...