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Entries in European Bizav Departures Rise in February (1)

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From The Weekly of Business Aviation, Aviation Week Intelligence Network /

Used Business Jets for Sale and Prices Rise in March

The number of used business jets for sale grew 3% in March compared to a year ago, while average list prices increased 3%, according to Jefferies.

The used fleet for sale in March is 40% below its peak in October 2009.

Inventory levels for sale during the month totaled 1,752 aircraft, compared to 1,697 in March 2018, equaling 7.6% of the total fleet, including all models and vintages.

Heavy jets for sale declined 4% year-over-year with 365 jets on the market, compared to 379 a year ago. Medium jet inventories decreased 2% in March, representing 7.2% of the active fleet, while the number of light jets for sale rose 11%. The number represents 9.4% of the active fleet available for sale, compared to 8.6% a year ago, Jefferies said.

“The used market inventory is likely to take time to bleed through and thus will impact new aircraft pricing,” Jefferies said.

Jefferies forecasts new business jet deliveries to grow 8% in 2019 after a modest decline in 2018. It expects heavy jet deliveries to rise 29% in 2019 due to new model deliveries. Growth will be largely due to the Global 7500, G500 and G600, with a modest offset from lower deliveries of legacy models.

Medium-size jet deliveries could rise 5% to 237 aircraft, Jefferies said, while light jet deliveries are expected to decline 6% year-over-year.

Nearly all the growth in the medium-size market is expected to come from the Citation Longitude, which are...

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