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Ups and Downs: Pre-Owned Business Jet Transactions Increase; Values Continue to Decrease

By Carl Janssens, ASA | Chief Appraiser | Aircraft Bluebook

Another year in the bucket, one more in the history books, another chapter ending. These phrases describe inevitable, inertial change, and they sum up the used business aircraft market at the end of 2017.

For business aviation, as far as Aircraft Bluebook is concerned, 2017 was a year of continued growth. Growth in the pre-owned business jet segment can be measured by the number of changes in ownership (sales) that have occurred compared to previous years.

The number of business jets sold in the resale market year over year has increased over the last five years, according to Dennis Rousseau of AircraftPost. In 2012, there were 413 pre-owned business jet sales. ...

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