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Roundtable to Explore Factors Affecting Aircraft Residual Values

Aircraft Bluebook, the premier resource for business and general aviation aircraft values, is convening the inaugural Aircraft Bluebook Market Values Roundtable in Los Angeles on Oct. 5, 2016.

Aircraft Bluebook editors and other industry experts will weigh the elements that factor into aircraft market values, especially the pressure points that affect residual values of business jets.

Registration is open to aircraft OEMs, suppliers, financial institutions, attorneys, consultants, operators and others who are involved in the pre-owned aircraft community. Participants may expect to leave the meeting with unique insight to incorporate into their own forecasts of future values of aircraft, Frank Craven, Aviation Week Network managing director, business aviation, says.

Several key participants from the pre-owned aircraft community will provide that insight. Industry experts scheduled to contribute are:

They will address how the big picture of the business aviation market, maintenance events and human perception of values factor into future values of aircraft. The event will also touch on forecasting trends and forecasting from a financial services perspective.

“The event will empower participants to feel more comfortable with asset planning and portfolio management,” Craven says.

This new event will occur in the afternoon of Oct. 5, following the SpeedNews 21st Annual Business & General Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference, which will be co-located at The Jonathan Club in L.A.

“The Aircraft Bluebook Market Values Roundtable will give everyone concerned with aircraft values at all stages of the product life cycle the chance to understand more about the factors that affect values,” Craven says. “We are excited to host it and expect it to be a valuable complement to the SpeedNews Business & General Aviation Industry Suppliers Conference.”

Learn more about the Aircraft Bluebook Market Values Roundtable at Or register here.