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Marketline Fall 2015: The Bright Side of Business Aviation

The fall issue of the Aircraft Bluebook Marketline is now available for download. This issue features:

The Bright Side of Business Aviation
By Carl Janssens, ASA | Chief Appraiser | Aviation Week Network
If anyone has any doubts with regard to the overall health and stability of the business aviation market, its overall performance over the last 90 days is an objective testament. 

Price Divergence ...
By Dennis Rousseau | President and Founder |
A 2002 Gulfstream GV had an original price new of about $42 million. Its successor, the G550, had an average price new of $42.5 million in 2003. The primary difference between the aircraft was the introduction of the Plane View cockpit. Why has the difference in selling prices of these aircraft grown from $500,000 when new to $7 million in the pre-owned market?

Into the Blue - Aircraft Bluebook At-A-Glance - Embraer Phenom 300
By Chris Reynolds, ASA | Aircraft Bluebook 
Aircraft Bluebook At-a-Glance has reviewed the current market status of the Embraer Phenom 300 business jet.

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